How did Chopper Automotive get started?

Chopper: I went to work  one day and it just didn’t make sense any more. My customers, friends, and family, were bringing their vehicles in, and the service writers were not giving them the service I felt they deserved, the labor rate was over $100 an hour and I was getting paid $20. Parts prices were through the roof, and I just couldn’t explain the value of the Dealership Service Experience anymore. The experience just wasn’t special and my customers deserved better. So after 20 years I loaded my toolbox up headed back to Millville and hung up my own shingle.

What did your friends think about you opening your own place?

Chopper: Surprisingly some of my previous employers’ best techs, guys that had worked in Woodbine for 10-20 years grabbed their boxes and came with me. Guys like Mike Sciolli, Mark Ribbicki, etc… Why “hell o” between the 4 or 5 of us we have probably fixed 80% of the vehicles that have come through the dealership.

What makes you different from the competition?

Chopper: What surprised me even more is that our customers followed us! Folks seem to prefer working with guys they can trust to give them a fair price, that’s something we can do because we don’t have the expensive overhead of a big dealership. What’s really great about us is that we are factory trained and certified technicians, with all the experience, all the tools, all the equipment, but none of the added expense that Dealerships have. Next time you head towards Woodbine or Vineland remember there is more automotive repair experience right here at Chopper Automotive than most any Dealership in the Atlantic City, Cape May, Millville, or Woodbine NJ. If you are looking for a friendly familiar face its probably going to be here at Chopper Automotive in Millville NJ. The guys working here are some of the best in the business you can count on it!